The time of the film is 1986.

There is a war in Afghanistan. This is one day in the life of Soviet military pilots of one aviation regiment.

An eastern woman appears in their barracks, whom no one sees, but whose approach each of them feels. The woman is looking for someone who will kill her. She asks them not to come, she hopes that one of them will hear her.

There is still time until their last departure. Exactly the same amount of time until the moment when one of them will fly to her and turn this woman into death.

They will fly to her soon - she came to them now.

When Death Came to Baghdad

based on a Sufi Parable


"Whoever fights with monsters should beware lest he himself become a monster" Friedrich Nietzsche

Written and Directed by

German Sadchenkov



Daria Khramtsova


Mikhail Safronov 


In this difficult period of quarantine and the complete closure of filming and film production, we are creating a new film in a new webmovie format. We want Dante Alighieri's great Italian opera "The Divine Comedy. Hell" to be performed worldwide in Russian in the translation of the Russian writer Boris Zaitsev, published in 1942 in Paris. In the film participate 33 Russian actor. The project is not commercial and will be presented online for free viewing. The time of the film is more than 4 hours. Producer and actor Mikhail Safronov, idea, concept and direction of German Sadchenkov.

The official announcement in Russian

Dante Alighieri.

La Commedia. L'inferno.


WebMovie (2020)

Drops on the Glass 

Film (2019)

Russian film poster

Artistic Director of the Company German Sadchenkov became a Writer and Director of the Russian film "Drops on the Glass". This is a black and white drama about the fate of the family, created by the poems of Russian poet Marina Gudz.

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Fragment of the film



Documentary (2018)





Our film is a reasoning film on music, on European theater, on opera, on the past and present of our times, on the era of the creation of real works staged in the music scene, on theatrical creations that they have become historical facts, on the various working principles and on the various methodologies, as well as on many other topics.  As a form it is a «capriccio». A film where there are heroes with their internal world that opens for a moment and becomes a part of the theatrical act. This moment of the Master's personal attitude towards work. Every director or actor when he starts working on a new show thinks and hopes to create a perfect work - otherwise what is the point? Is it possible to create an «ideal show» or is it just the screenplay, the scores created on paper? Modern directors do not want to act in the circumstances "proposed" by the scores - they bring their own ideas often unrelated to the composer's idea into the opera performances. It's acceptable? It is one of the topics of our conversation ...

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